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Do you have a willingness to challenge the status quo, including reinventing yourself AND an entire organization? The new Chief Information Officer will create business value through the development of innovative technology. Using strategic planning and ensuring that tech systems and procedures lead to outcomes in line with business goals, this leader will provide cutting-edge solutions to virtually every line of business at DISH.

DISH is looking for a Chief Information Officer who has a bold sense of pride, adventure, and desire to win to join the team, and sights are set on upending the wireless industry and unseating the entrenched incumbent carriers. DISH wants to change how the world connects.


A personal message from John Swieringa, COO, about what it takes to be DISH’s next CIO

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Our CIO will create an environment where our team can do their best work, grow and thrive. Our CIO will stand at the ‘corner of strategy and execution’ and work closely with our leadership team to deliver business outcomes through aligning our resources and technology towards our most pressing challenges and opportunities. We don’t expect our CIO to have all the answers or know everything there is to know about the markets we serve but we do expect them to be curious, driven, committed and willing to do what it takes to win. Above all else we need a leader who is worthy of the great teams we have at DISH and Sling.

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Employees at DISH all have four things in common, curiosity, pride, adventure and winning. Team members at DISH are inquisitive, not afraid to challenge assumptions, and hungry for knowledge. They are driven to their personal best in everything and expect the same from teammates. Employees are comfortable and thrive in an environment where the path is often unclear, changes frequently and requires challenging yourself. Finally, DISH employees are drivers and have an excellent work ethic and discipline to always put DISH in a position to win.


A positive attitude and the ability to sustain high levels of enthusiasm and effort.


A high level of objective intelligence, critical thinking, common sense and curiosity.


The desire to always be learning, growing and challenged; and the passion to help DISH and yourself be successful.

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