Sr. Talent Consultant

As part of the consulting team at Jobber Group, the Sr. Talent Consultant will be key in providing innovative talent strategies to our clients. Your efforts will be crucial to helping executives grow successful companies by attracting and hiring the best talent for them.

We are looking for a new member to join our team from anywhere in the world and help us continue to provide valuable talent strategy to our clients.


What it Takes to Succeed at Jobber Group

A message from Joe Thurman, Founder and CEO, and UB Ciminieri, Chief Strategic Connections Officer.

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Are You a Fit?

Jobber Group is an amazing place to work…but is it for you? We believe that everybody has talent and every company has something to offer. The key is to find out whether Jobber Group is able to give you the necessary support and tools to take your talent to the next level! At Jobber you must be able to answer one simple question: “What gets me up every day for work and what am I passionate about doing?”

The Jobber Mindset


Our work is driven by our customers. It’s important that we have the ability to move with agility, to be able to pivot at a moment’s notice, and wear a multitude of hats to expand new ideas and processes.


Our work is fueled by passion. Passionate people have an innate need to keep learning and improving. Rather than seeing obstacles, we see interesting problems to solve.


We must be willing to take risks if we truly want to change the way the world works. Risks are calculated and well thought out, they are big and small. We push our clients and ourselves outside comfort zones for the best results.


Our team is incredibly talented and highly invested in the success of Jobber Group and our clients. We trust everyone to do amazing work. Providing constructive criticism is necessary and beneficial when we know it comes from a trusting place.


Everything we do must provide value to our clients and our team members. That’s how we do business, always driving value.

Desired Experience

Project Management 

You have a deep understanding of project management and strategy creation. You lead projects against milestones and inform clients of challenges or issues and work to resolve problems while identifying opportunities for Jobber Group to extend the partnership.


You possess market knowledge and the ability to educate and consult clients on Jobber Group best practices based on the industry & current candidate market. You excel in client interactions being able to articulate Jobber Group’s value proposition, discuss overall workforce planning and interact with clients for weekly reporting updates.

Client Management 

You demonstrate the follow up skills and documentation skills required to complete assignments and are highly organized and masterful at multi-tasking. You effectively and proactively communicate project reporting and updates to hiring managers, team members, and client champions.

Meet the Leadership Team

The Leadership Team cares about you personally and wants to see your career explode into something you have been dreaming about!

Joe Thurman

Founder & CEO

Joe is a passionate technologist and entrepreneur who has a single mission of having a positive impact on the world. With more than a decade of experience in the Colorado technology industry, Joe loves helping companies solve problems and succeed. Utilizing his experience in the technology, marketing and recruiting space, Joe founded the organization now known as Jobber Group in the summer of 2010. He is driven to help organizations grow and scale to meet their full potential through the use of technology, and is a thought leader on the future of talent who is passionate about changing the way companies attract, retain and develop their employees.

Jacob Mueller


Jacob is responsible for all company operations as well as delivering specific consulting services at client sites. Jacob and Joe have worked together for the past 15 years at many different companies before deciding to start what would become Jobber Group in 2010.

UB Ciminieri

Chief Strategic Connections Officer

UB’s work with various technology startups in Colorado has given him a front row seat to the good, bad and ugly of how companies are being built. This in combination with his Latino background and the experience of his immigrant father from Argentina, has driven his passion for changing how companies attract, retain and develop diverse talent. As the Chief Strategic Connections Officer of Jobber Group, UB navigates community, partner and client connections to maximize the impact of those relationships, and to create new ones for the benefit of everyone involved.

Carolyn Lyons

SVP, Delivery

Carolyn delivers daily project management within every client, working directly with our main contacts to maintain forward momentum and build trust throughout our engagements. Her background includes operations, government strategy, strategic communications and delivery.

Our Talent Strategy At Work

Check out several case studies highlighting the work we’ve done to date.

The Interview Process

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