We’re Hiring a President and CEO

Colorado Technology Association is looking for a new President and CEO who is enthusiastic about empowering change within Colorado and beyond. The CEO develops and executes a vision for the membership, community, and industry by engaging the Board of Directors, leading staff and publicly representing the association and industry among the community. This is accomplished by articulating value propositions for prospective members while utilizing operational experience to scale and sustain the organization.

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With the tech sector a pillar of Colorado’s economy, the Colorado Technology Association (CTA) is one of the largest trade organizations in the State. Representing member companies, tech, and business professionals, CTA works to bring collaboration among Colorado’s tech community, accelerate growth and tell the story of innovation in Colorado. This continued focus on the technology sector has shaped an identity leading to impressive economic diversity for Colorado with more than 11,000 companies employing 150,000 employees, generating $15.2 billion in payroll.

Required Experience

  • Fundraising and sales in non-profit environments
  • An established network of private and public sector senior executives is desired
  • Managing a multi-million dollar operational budget
  • Leadership experience and ability to recruit, hire and develop teams
  • Experience sitting on Board of Directors of associations or non-profits
  • Technology background or experience working in technology, preferred
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
Team Size
Years In Business
Member Companies
Community Professionals

CTA Strategic Pillars

1. Advocacy. Advocate for a pro-business and tech environment.

2. Economic Development. Command initiatives that help companies grow.

3. Talent. Influence a robust tech talent pipeline and workforce.

4. Community. Lead an inclusive network that benefits our community.

Role will require:

Sales, Fundraising and Member Engagement
Vision and Strategy
Operational Experience
Legislative and Advocacy

Are You Built For The Challenge?

The President and CEO of Colorado Technology Association is an outgoing-relationship-builder who can inspire team members, board members and the community alike to participate in events and initiatives. The CEO also has the business experience to be operational and execute.


  • Great public speaker
  • Engaging with all types of people: staff, BOD, members and investors, legislators, and volunteers
  • Schedule flexibility to accommodate events and initiatives


  • Vision for growth of association and industry for next 5+ years
  • Knowledge of advocacy and public policy, economic development and workforce with respect to the tech sector
  • Ability to articulate and execute a clearly defined strategy for the organization


  • Ability to execute vision
  • Confidence to build an operational model for future growth
  • An understanding of a not-for-profit association environment
  • Responsible to grow revenue that funds the initiatives of the organization
  • Ability to establish, measure and trend Key Performance Indicators, market data and other success metrics


  • Personable communication both verbal and written
  • Encouraging and persuasive to be more involved in association and initiatives

The Interview Process

Executive Search Committee

Team Interview

Executive Board Interview

Meet the Executive Search Committee

Finding the perfect candidate is extremely important to this organization. This committee consists of past, current and incoming board chairpersons, who will work closely with the new CEO, as well as other board members who have experience in different sectors and sizes of member companies.


David Roberts
2018 CTA Board Chair

David is a long time board member and has years of experience in the public sector, consulting and leading mid-size companies.


Carl Fitch
2019 CTA Board Chair-Elect, Statera

Carl, a long-time board member, brings years of executive and operational leadership from the mid-size company perspective.


Kristin Russell
2017 Past Board Chair, Arrow

Kristin brings perspective and experience from large tech companies, the public sector, and consulting firms.


Joe Thurman
CTA Board Member, Jobber Group

Joe, a new member of the BOD but a long time member, brings extensive experience with talent acquisition and start-ups companies.


Shawn Adamson
CTA Board Member, Comcast

Shawn, a newer member of BOD, has experience with similar organizations in other states and brings large tech company perspectives.


Aleta Jeffress
CTA Board Member, City of Aurora

A newer member of the Board of Directors, Aleta brings years of experience as a technology executive in the public sector.


Patrick Jehu
CTA Board Member, Deloitte Consulting

Patrick is new to the CTA board and represents a large company consulting perspective.

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